Overview of Health Radio Shows

By | July 7, 2017

When it comes to radio, many people just think about music. However, you may forget that there are numerous radio stations divided into various categories, from music, sports news, political news to health. These days, just install the radio app on your mobile device and you can follow any piece of information of certain topics you are interested in.

Overview of Health Radio Shows

Today, for individuals who want to get information related to the general health, wellness, fitness as well as medical via the radio app, 104.7 The Point will present some good, informative health radio shows. These interactive health talk shows share the same purpose – that is helping the listeners focus on staying healthy. The audio content will cover the topic of health, wellness, body and mind, and well-being. Health shows are mostly hosted by experienced, well-known professors and doctors from different colleges and universities, as you probably know.

Many of you, while streaming the live audio, can join the conversation or even ask the host questions. There are two options – listening to full length health radio shows in real time or downloading the program for listening on-the-go. The radio app will automatically move downloaded files to your audio library.

There are, according to 104.7 The Point, many good, convenient radio apps available for download free. It’s time to find BEST radio apps of 2017 for your iPhone as well as other smartphones and devices.

Check out Top Health Radio Shows

Top Health Radio Shows

With the purpose of giving people advice on living a more healthful life, health radio shows, as days go by, have attract more and more listeners. To date, these programs have a large number of streams in the world. They provide health-related content, specifically today’s health needs, to their radio audiences. Sharing all the health news and information will improve our knowledge about general health and also develop healthy communities and environment. Most of news content daily about health are very useful, practical and easy to understand.

Below, have a look at the list of top health radio shows, presented by 104.7 The Point:

  • To Your Good Health Radio by Dr. David Friedman
  • Your Health® Radio by Dr. Adam Goldstein and Dr. Cristy Page
  • Health Radio FM by Tammy-Lynn McNabb
  • Blog Talk Radio (Health section) by Alan Levy and Bob Charish
  • RadioMD by Dr. Michael Roizen
  • The Intelligent Medicine Radio by Dr. Ronald Hoffman
  • Doctor Health Radio by David Snow
  • Positive Talk Radio by Healthy Life Team
  • Healthy Talk Radio by Dr. Michael Smith
  • Prescriptions for Health Radio by Dr. Len Saputo and Dr. Nurse Vick

All the health radio shows above often feature health experts who will inform a variety of health topics which its info helps you stay strong. These stations can be found at any radio app, even 104.7 The Point. Now, with only a touch, you are able to listen to what you want anytime and anywhere on your device.

Top 10 Radio POP Hits 2017

By | July 4, 2017

The essential part of a music lover is to frequently check out the music charts (daily, weekly and even month) of various TV channels as well as radio stations and see if your favorite songs have any spot on those charts. No Billboard or VEVO today; instead, 104.7 The Point will show you top 10 radio POP hits of the first-half 2017. How it works? This list only includes pop-genre songs, based on radio airplay audience impressions:

  1. Stay by Zedd and Alessia Cara
  2. Despacito (ft. Justin Bieber) by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee
  3. I’m The One (ft. Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Chance The Rapper and Quavo) by DJ Khaled
  4. Issues by Julia Michaels
  5. Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay
  6. That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars
  7. It Ain’t Me by Kygo and Selena Gomez
  8. Now or Never by Halsey
  9. Shape of You by Ed Sheeran
  10. Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur
Radio Pop Hits 2017

104.7 The Point is customizable local radio that is quite perfect for not only your workday but also your daily life. This hand-crafted music station plays music 24/7, giving peace for your mind every single day. Absolutely free, the listeners can enjoy your music taste – The Point FM 104.7 offers a great library of amazing tracks of various genres (rock, blues, dance, country, classical, electronic, pop, etc.) and different categories (top artists, new songs, etc.) Just by install the 104.7 The Point radio app, you can step into the music world with ease.

Please note that 104.7 The Point mainly serves Burlington, Montpelier, Plattsburgh, Champlain Valley, Central VT and Northern NY. However, you still can stream the music from anywhere of the world by accessing the official website or activating the radio app on your mobile device.

Top 10 Amazing Albums of Decades

Few weeks ago, The Point online radio made an interesting survey of choosing the top 10 albums of decades at pointfm.com. Did you participate in? Well, now the voting has closed and below is the final results, according to The Point listeners. Find out now:

  1. The Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd – 1973)
  2. The Joshua Tree (U2 – 1986)
  3. Abbey Road (The Beatles – 1969)
  4. Graceland (Paul Simon – 1986)
  5. Rumors (Fleetwood Mac – 1977)
  6. The Beatles *White Version (The Beatles – 1968)
  7. Blood on the Tracks (Bob Dylan – 1975)
  8. Born to Run (Bruce Springsteen – 1975)
  9. The Wall (Pink Floyd – 1982)
  10.  American Beauty (The Grateful Dead – 1970)

With 104.7 The Point, the free online radio service, you can discover not only today’s hit songs but also greatest hits of all times. Get ready for cool music streams!

Find BEST Radio Apps of 2017 for iPhone

By | July 1, 2017

When it comes to streaming the music, isn’t Spotify the first app crossing your mind? The thing is that it is not the only music app created for iPhone. Nowadays, if you visit the App Store, you’ll find a lot of radio apps available for download. But, as a matter of fact, not all of the apps are good – that’s where you need the advice. Here, take a look at the list of best radio apps for iPhone, presented by 104.7 The Point.

Best Radio Apps of 2017 for iPhone

With the development of technology, no surprisingly apps have transformed radio. Back then, thanks to traditional radio stations, you could approach new songs, music genres and artists. These days, Internet radio apps have become a brilliant way for all music lovers to access the audio stream. Not only to listen to music, you can activate radio apps to follow postcasts, sports news and other interesting radio shows. If you have a great demand on this music service, we’d love to introduce 5 amazing radio apps of 2017 which could turn your iPhone into a convenient portable radio.

1. TuneIn

TuneIn Radio Pro, according to 104.7 The Point, is designed for radio streams. This app offer many worth-listening stations of various categories (music, sports, news, audio books, etc.) You can subscribe the stations you care about to keep up with new information per day, or just simply do the record for later play back. Although TuneIn is not a dedicated podcast app, it is still a great consideration for radio fans just starting their journey in the world of podcasts.

More interestingly, if you are people who are learning about the spiritual realm, check out the Psychic station of TuneIn. You can easily find plenty of podcasts related to spirituality and psyche topics, such as free psychic chat , Psychic Love Doctor, The Psychic Coffee Shop, and so on.

2. Pandora

Pandora Radio App

The second choice of 104.7 The Point is Pandora Radio. This app allows you to listen to all genres of music for absolutely free. Just create a free account and you can create your very own Pandora station by customizing the music based on your tastes, favorite genres and artists, or mood. Also, in case you aren’t able to keep up with songs that are being played or forget to rate a track; then, see the history of your station. In general, Pandora is an inexpensive option for casual radio fans.

3. Stitcher

Stitcher Radio app is, overall, a must-have for any iOS radio listeners. 104.7 The Point rated it as the simplest and most comprehensive radio app. Although it is a podcast player, you can only stream podcasts, not download. Freely search your favorite radio stations or create your own playlists of various categories (music, artists, comedy, political, and more). Based on your selection, Stitcher will provide several options of live shows relevant to what you might love to see or care about.

4. Slacker

104.7 The Point chooses Slacker Radio as the fourth choice. Although it is not as good as Spotify, Slacker does have some stand-out advantages making it as one of top 5 radio apps here. This tool allows you to customize your personal playlists, based on artists, songs, or albums, to fit your taste. Furthermore, Slacker provides more than just music – it also features customizable comedy, news and sports stations.

5. 8Tracks

The last app closing this list is 8Tracks Radio. From what 104.7 The Point said, this radio app offer radio listeners an awesome space to discover new music as well as create and share playlists. From independent rock, mix-tapes, electronic, hip-hop to anything you are in the mood for, over 2 million audio tracks are available for your cool music collections.

Go to App Store and you’ll easily install any of these radio apps for your iPhone!

Top 5 Music Apps For Your Mobile Device

By | July 1, 2017

Music somehow has become the essential part that nothing could be replaced from our lives. With different periods, people have their own ways to enjoy music. For example, phonograph was a very popular music player device in the late 1800s. Then, the 1900s came with the domination of stereos, cassette tapes, walkman, CDs and MP3 players. Nowadays, we can easily discover the variety of music just with our smartphones.

5 Best Music Apps

As you all know, with the development of technology, there are numerous music apps available for mobile devices. These magnificent apps will provide different ways to your listening-to-music time as well as make it a great experience. Considered as the ultimate music-discovery tool, you now can use these apps to create your personal music library, explore new artists, identify songs and do whatever you like with utmost ease. In this article, 104.7 The Point presents 5 best music apps worth your download. If you are a discerning music lover, read on.

1. Spotify

The first choice of 104.7 The Point is Spotify, for sure. This tool is a great way to discover and listen to music legally. With a great collection of over 30 million tracks, you can put all of your favorite songs in one place and later you can play them again. Besides, you and your friends can collaborate to create a very unique playlist using the drag-and-drop window. Also, Spotify lets you follow artists, stream tracks for free and sync music from your music library. In case the artists you are following release new albums or if your playlist is updated, the app will give you notifications.

2. Shazam

When it comes to finding songs, Shazam with its digital ear is the ultimate choice. According to 104.7 The Point, this is a special music discovery app. Not only identifying the song that’s being played and the artist, Shazam can also help you add songs to your Spotify playlist. Now, with this app, the story of not knowing the song’s name in order to find it will stop forever.

3. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio Music App

For music lovers looking for a radio app, then 104.7 The Point suggests iHeartRadio. This app, absolutely free, offers many convenient features allowing you to tune in any nearby radio stations easily. Moreover, based on your music library (favorite songs and artists, categories, genres, etc.), iHeartRadio lets you customize your very own music stations as well as share them with other users. Interestingly, there are random-built playlists based on activities and moods, so picking songs for different occasions is not difficult anymore.

4. SoundCloud

For the fourth choice, 104.7 The Point recommends SoundCloud. Aside from popular artists, this app lets you listen to big hits from other users. A wide collection of trending audio tracks is always available for streaming, so you will surely find anything interesting to listen to anytime. More greatly, you can also record your own audio right through SoundCloud and then upload it to share your voice to the world.

5. Tune In

Most of the staff of 104.7 The Point did install Tune In for their smartphones. This music streaming tool, with a library of over 35 million tracks, provides you a space to discover the music you love, create, share and download playlists at your fingertips. Also, with the lyric feature, you can have a fun sing-a-long time with your friends.

More interestingly, not only for music lover, Tune In is also a great app for people who love listening to spiritual guidance and insights. There are many psychic radio channels to choose from, from getting absolutely free psychic reading , occult of personality to messages from the other side. Get your life delighted with this awesome app!

All these music apps here are compatible with both Android and iOS devices!

About us

By | June 30, 2017

A Look At The Point FM 104.7

Nowadays, with the rise of iTunes and other modern, easily approachable music apps, we can enjoy different genres of music with just a tap on your mobile device. However, everything did have the history. Before iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Musi, Google Play Music and Amazon Music, kids of the late 80s as well as early 90s are very familiar with the word “radio”. Truly, radio was used to the popular means for streaming the hottest music, if you look back the past.

104.7 The Point Introduction

If you were a radio-holic, you must have heard of The Point (or Independent Radio, The Point). Yes, it is a radio network serving Northern Vermont, Northeastern New York and New Hampshire. In 1977, the station signed on as a single frequency local Montpelier (WNCS). At that period, as a turning-point of its entire history, 104.7 The Point successfully became the pioneer in the AAA (Adult Album Alternative/Progressive) format. These days, this radio network has been upgraded as an online music radio station broadcasting 24 hours per day.

Are you an ultimate, discerning music lover? Twelve months of every year, with 104.7 The Point, you are able to listen to all kinds of music and discover many artists of different generations, from The Beatles to today’s most popular singers. Of course, the service is absolutely free!

Radio Your Way with 104.7 The Point

Over the course of its history, The Point Independent Radio generally has achieved a lot of valuable national awards, including the publication award for the AAA format of The Point FM 104.7. The “Radio and Records’ AAA Station of the Year” winning title was given to this music radio station in the total of 4 years (2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008). The program then was launched into digital music industry. In 2013, The Point was honorably named FMQB’s AAA Station of the Year.

List of awards 104.7 The Point has won:

  • Small Market AAA Station of the Year (2001) of Album Network
  • J. David Book Community Service Award (2002) of The Good Samaritan Haven
  • Best Spot on The Dial (2003, 2004, 2007) of Seven Days
  • Small Market AAA Station of the Year (2005-2008) of Radio & Records
  • Hall of Fame (2013) of Friday Morning Quarterback
Radio with 104.7 The Point

Throughout over 30 years, The Point FM 104.7 has developed strongly than its original purpose. By connecting to this online radio network, you’ll be presented a diverse blend of music, both modern and vintage. Also, there are many available playlists to explore day by day, from rock ‘n roll, reggae, R’nB, progressive pop to singer songwriters. As its aim to show the freedom in music to the listeners, 104.7 The Point allows the staff to freely choose whatever song they love to listen to broadcast during the radio live shows.

104.7 The Point is now on your iPhone, Android and other app-enabled mobile phones.

Overall, The Point FM 104.7 provides the most awesome variety of music in the Vermont area. Feel free to access this radio station and check the top songs, new playlists and more interesting corners. If you have any question, feedback or opinion on the 104.7 The Point Radio, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Via the chatbox below or mail: rolland@1047thepoint.com, we hope to be able to interact with you!