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A Look At The Point FM 104.7

Nowadays, with the rise of iTunes and other modern, easily approachable music apps, we can enjoy different genres of music with just a tap on your mobile device. However, everything did have the history. Before iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Musi, Google Play Music and Amazon Music, kids of the late 80s as well as early 90s are very familiar with the word “radio”. Truly, radio was used to the popular means for streaming the hottest music, if you look back the past.

104.7 The Point Introduction

If you were a radio-holic, you must have heard of The Point (or Independent Radio, The Point). Yes, it is a radio network serving Northern Vermont, Northeastern New York and New Hampshire. In 1977, the station signed on as a single frequency local Montpelier (WNCS). At that period, as a turning-point of its entire history, 104.7 The Point successfully became the pioneer in the AAA (Adult Album Alternative/Progressive) format. These days, this radio network has been upgraded as an online music radio station broadcasting 24 hours per day.

Are you an ultimate, discerning music lover? Twelve months of every year, with 104.7 The Point, you are able to listen to all kinds of music and discover many artists of different generations, from The Beatles to today’s most popular singers. Of course, the service is absolutely free!

Radio Your Way with 104.7 The Point

Over the course of its history, The Point Independent Radio generally has achieved a lot of valuable national awards, including the publication award for the AAA format of The Point FM 104.7. The “Radio and Records’ AAA Station of the Year” winning title was given to this music radio station in the total of 4 years (2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008). The program then was launched into digital music industry. In 2013, The Point was honorably named FMQB’s AAA Station of the Year.

List of awards 104.7 The Point has won:

  • Small Market AAA Station of the Year (2001) of Album Network
  • J. David Book Community Service Award (2002) of The Good Samaritan Haven
  • Best Spot on The Dial (2003, 2004, 2007) of Seven Days
  • Small Market AAA Station of the Year (2005-2008) of Radio & Records
  • Hall of Fame (2013) of Friday Morning Quarterback
Radio with 104.7 The Point

Throughout over 30 years, The Point FM 104.7 has developed strongly than its original purpose. By connecting to this online radio network, you’ll be presented a diverse blend of music, both modern and vintage. Also, there are many available playlists to explore day by day, from rock ‘n roll, reggae, R’nB, progressive pop to singer songwriters. As its aim to show the freedom in music to the listeners, 104.7 The Point allows the staff to freely choose whatever song they love to listen to broadcast during the radio live shows.

104.7 The Point is now on your iPhone, Android and other app-enabled mobile phones.

Overall, The Point FM 104.7 provides the most awesome variety of music in the Vermont area. Feel free to access this radio station and check the top songs, new playlists and more interesting corners. If you have any question, feedback or opinion on the 104.7 The Point Radio, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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